The Legend Live

All the awesomeness of the mighty KeyB Legend, but in a no compromise lightweight portable. You get the Sound, you get the Feel, you get an amazingly compact set of keys perfect for those hard to get to Soho gigs.

KeyB Legend & Legend Live presented by Pat Bianchi

Full Compliment of Drawbars

If you have been playing a classic tonewheel organ, then you will feel at home with the KeyB Duo. The drawbars look and feel vintage with their original looking end caps and metal bars. It has two full sets of 9 drawbars for the upper keyboard, two full sets of 9 drawbars for the lower keyboard and 2 pedal drawbars.

Waterfall Keyboards

Along with the best sound and being easy to play, the KeyB Duo has two heavy-duty 61-note keyboards with the feel of an organ, not a synthesizer or cheap portable keyboard. If you play pedals, then you can purchase the optional 25 full-sized console pedals. The KeyB pedals are heavy-duty and are same radius as the classic tonewheel organs, which makes playing the pedals feel right.


Legend Upper Manual Realtime Controls include: Volume; Reverb; Drive; Keyclick; Fine Tuning; Crosstalk; Tone Controls; Pedals Sustain; Percussion (Decay, Volume).

Legend Lower Manual Realtime Controls include: Reverb (Post/Pre, Hall/Spring); Drive (Classic, Rock); Tonewheel Model (’30, ’50, ’70); Transpose; Rotary (Direct, Classic/Rock); Hold (Int/Ext); Pedals (Direct, To Lower).

Familiar Layout


Located right where they belong are the the 2nd and 3rd harmonic percussion. Soft and normal percussion volume, fast and slow percussion attack.

You can use vibrato/chorus independently for the upper and lower manuals or together just like the classic drawbar organ. Use the familiar rotary control to select all three Vibrato and Chorus settings.


AUDIO IN/OUT: Legend can be connected to either a keyboard amplifier via outputs left / right ot to a rotary speaker via a standard 11 pin socket.
AUDIO PEDALS OUTPUT: Legend is the only instrument in its class with a dedicated pedal output and is seperate to the Vibrato/Chorus and Rotary Emulation.
FX SEND/ RETURN: Connect your favorite external effect.
ANALOG IN: Allows you to use the effects of an external instrument.
INPUT GAIN: Control the volume of an external instruments.
EXP: Expression Pedal
ROTARY: To switch between rotary Slow/Fast
HOLD: Hold control both for Legend and for an external intrument .
FULL MIDI: Out 1, Out 2, In, Thru, Pedalboard In.
USB POWER CHARGE: You can power supply SmartPhone / Tablet.


The new KeyB Legend organ by Viscount, designed in cooperation with NEWTONE makes use of innovative TMT (Tonewheel  Modeling Technology). This is no mere sampled Hammond Organ but a computer model thats is able to perfectly clone a classic tonewheel organ. The result is a natural sound that simply cannot be obtained by sampling. The Legend reproduces’ unlike the lesser models around capture the characteristics of a tonewheel organ including cross talk, tonewheel flutter, electric hum and octave tapers. This same technology allows KeyB to create an accurate Rotary Speaker model – this emulation is so good only a handfull of our users still bother with a rotary speaker – they simply DI into the desk or PA.

  • No Compromise Portable alternative to a vintage B3 & Leslie® Speaker
  • 2, full 61 note keyboards with fast and accurate B3 feel
  • KeyB’s Legendary Modelling Engine
  • No Fuss controls mean its easy to play
  • Brand new Rotary Engine and Vintage Amp models
  • Full compliment of Drawbars – just like any self respecting B3
  • Improved Key Click and Percussion (Soft/Normal)
  • Volume, Vibrato & Chorus – all where you expect to find them
  • Realtime controls placed sensibly for on the fly live adjustments
  • Leslie® 11-pin socket for connection to external cabinets
  • FX Send & Return
  • USB Power Port can be used for charging your phone, tablet or powering a lamp.


Upper Keyboard – 61 notes waterfall
Lower Keyboard – 61 notes waterfall

Technology TMT (Tonewheel Modeling Technology)
Crosstalk  Unique crosstalk created for each tonewheel model
Keyclick  A new revolutionary state of the art design
Transposer  -5 +6 semitones
Fine Tuning  +/- ¼ tone
Tonewheel model  ’30, ’50, ’70
String Bass  On/Off, Decay Control
Harmonic Percussion   On/Off, Volume Soft/Normal, Decay Fast/Slow, Harmonic Percussion 2nd / 3rd Percussion Level and Percussion Decay Controls

Reverb Effects
Newly modeled Spring and Hall reverbs, Classic, Rock
Overdrive:  Classic, Rock
Modulation Effects: Vibrato/Chorus: Upper On/Off, Lower & Pedal On/Off, Select: V-1, V-2, V-3, C-1, C-2, C-3
Rotary simulation type: Direct, Classic, Rock

Keyclick; Tuning; Crosstalk; Rotary; Transpose; Upper preset (1/2); Drawbars set (A/B/MUTE)
Lower Front Panel: Tone controls; Pedal Sustain, Percussion Decay; Percussion Volume; Pedals to lower; Lower presets (1/2); Drawbars set; (A/B/MUTE); Brake (slow/fast).

Drawbars – Upper 2 sets of nine drawbars: 16′ – 5 (1/3)’ – 8′ – 4′ – 2 (2/3)’ – 2′ – 1 (3/5)’ – 1 (1/3)’ – 1′
Drawbars – Lower 2 sets of nine drawbars: 16′ – 5 (1/3)’ – 8′ – 4′ – 2 (2/3)’ – 2′ – 1 (3/5)’ – 1 (1/3)’ – 1′
Drawbars – Upper Preset Upper Drawbar Set A or Set B + 2 presets and Upper MIDI Local on/off
Drawbars – Lower Preset Lower Drawbar Set A or Set B + 2 presets and Lower MIDI Local on/off
Drawbars – Pedals 2 drawbars: 16′ & 8′

OUTPUT: L & R Line Out 6.35 mm jacks; Pedals Direct Out 6,35 mm jack (without C/V and Rotary emulation); 11 pin Rotary Speaker (without Rotary emulation); 2 Stereo headphone 6,35 mm jacks; TRS Digital Expression Pedal 6,35 mm jack; Rotary emulation Footswitch 6,35 mm jack; USB HOST type A (Power charger only); FX send.
INPUT: Audio input mono with adjusting gain pot; FX return.  
Midi In, Out, Thru, Out 1, Out 2, In, Thru, Pedalboard In

Pedalboard 18 notes; Expression Pedal; Bench; Stand; Softbag;

Dimensions without Pedalboard (WxHxD)
101 x 18 x 59 cm
18 kg